Services and Programs

Leaders of organizations around the world working to increase bicycling--non-profit, for-profit or government agency--can tap into our programs:

On-call Support & Coaching Assistance for organization issues and bicycle campaigns, anytime, no charge; executive coaching for organizational management and capacity building; emergency response and mediation during organization crises; resources for increasing bicycling; workshop facilitation at easy rates.

Social Bike Business Program:  Support for local organizations ready to launch and lead their own program to provide affordable, durable bicycles as well as career training and jobs to people who need them the most.

One Street Components:  This is our bicycle components arm to design, create and distribute bicycle components for the rest of us!

African Programs: We've developed several programs to offer special assistant to our African colleagues.

One Street Press: This is our publishing arm. We're starting with books for our programs and look forward to expanding for many more books on bicycling and social change.

Photos from some of our projects:

Ukrainian Campaign Planning Project 2016

Uganda 2011 & 2013

Prague 2008




IMG 4228 cropped 














Ukrainian Campaign Planning Project 2016

Kharkiv workshop photos

Dnipro workshop photos

With Ride 4 a Woman in Uganda 2011 & 2013:

IMG 6131IMG_4572IMG_4445IMG_4533IMG_4524IMG 6175

Our campaign workshop in Prague May 2008:

  Prague Campaign Planning 1   Prague Campaign Planning 2


Sue Knaup and One Street have been our most important supporters in the development and efforts of the Urban Kansas City Community of Cycling to create a cycling community in Kansas City, Missouri that is more inclusive and aware of the challenges that face urban minorities as they pertain to economics, health and fitness. When roadblocks in achieving those efforts arise, One Street answers the call and has been there to offer options and solutions that make sense for all those involved. Our thanks to Sue and One Street.

- Kenneth Walker, Founder Urban Kansas City Community of Cycling

 One Street and Sue Knaup helped us to save our organization. We went from seat-of-our-pants, “Oh my god, what are we going to do” leadership to on-the-ball, “We know exactly what we are doing” leadership in less than a month.

- Liz Elliot, Founder C.I.C.L.E. in Los Angeles