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One Street is an international non-profit organization based in Prescott, Arizona and led by an international team from diverse cultures, communities and bicycling concerns, all united on these key PRINCIPLES:

  • In order for bicycling to reach the forefront of society, each and every organization working to increase bicycling must operate at the highest standards of ethics and effective management. Our service towards this goal includes non-profits, for-profits and government agencies.
  • In order for these organizations to operate at this high level of ethics and effective management, we guide their leaders towards a culture of kindness and respect in all of their actions.
  • In order to be a model of such high ethical and management standards, One Street must continuously lift our own standards through discussions and research, forging new ground in ethical practices and delivering this guidance with kindness and respect to the leaders of organizations we serve.
  • There is only one street, so our actions as leaders reverberate around the world.
To serve, with kindness and respect, leaders of organizations working to increase bicycling, including pedestrian, transit and social equity needs.


One Street office Halloween 2007