One Street News

May-June 2016

Vol. 9, Issue 2

1. Ukraine Project Phase II Approved
2. Berlin Bicycle Referendum Collects 105,425 Signatures
3. Resources – Cities Where Bicycling Is Increasing Significantly
4. Hot Topics – Two This Time:
• Fighting Our Dysfunction Default
• It’s Time for Universal Transportation in the U.S.

Ukraine Project Phase II Approved

Our work with bicycle advocates in Eastern Ukraine is moving to the next level as the twelve campaigns in three cities come together. This next phase has been approved for funding through USAID as part of an initiative for reuniting the country through sustainable transportation campaigns. Read about the initial campaign planning effort in our newsletter from earlier this year. We worked with our partners at AVK to develop the first phase that included our training of two trainers from AVK to conduct the initial campaign planning workshops. They did a fantastic job as the twelve campaigns show.

For Phase II, Sue Knaup, One Street’s executive director, will travel to Ukraine for ten days in August to help the campaign leaders refine their plans and begin changing their communities into places where anyone can choose to walk, roll, or ride a bike. Look for news about the trip in a future newsletter.

Berlin Bicycle Referendum Collects 105,425 Signatures

A referendum presented by cyclists in Berlin that sought 20,000 signatures within six months to bring it to a vote in parliament gathered more than five times that in just over three weeks! This astonishing outpouring of support is highlighted on One Street’s home page.

Bicycle advocates in Berlin already have a lot to be proud of. Their city steadily gains new bike lanes and paths each year, adding to their impressive network. Just a glance at their city government site shows genuine support for cycling.

But many of Berlin’s cyclists as well as residents who want to ride are not impressed by the slow progress. They’ve seen too many deaths and injuries in recent years and are calling for radical changes to improve the safety of cyclist sooner than later.

Read an overview of the initiative by clicking the link on our home page and imagine how a similar effort might come about in your city.

Resources – Cities Where Bicycling Is Increasing Significantly

As bicycle advocates we often feel like we’re talking to brick walls as we present needed steps for increasing bicycling in our cities. But when we can show our officials cities similar to ours that have taken those steps, suddenly they pay attention. Even if they still argue against change, at least such case studies challenge their stance and make them think.

You’re sure to find at least one similar city to yours in this article lists some of the current cities around the world investing in bicycling and enjoying the sight of many new riders. Then, at your next meeting with officials you can show how these cities are succeeding and already reaping the benefits from increasing bicycling. They’ll have a hard time defending dangerous streets and single-mode transportation after that.

Hot Topics – Two This Time:

By: Sue Knaup, Executive Director

I tackled two sizzling topics in recent posts:

The first involves a frustratingly common behavior in nonprofits when leaders lose sight of their organization’s mission in favor of personal egos. In “Fighting Our Dysfunction Default” you’ll find tips on how to recognize ineffectiveness and three clear steps for shifting back into high gear.

The other exposes my disgust over recent proposals for replacing the gas tax in the U.S. In “It’s Time for Universal Transportation in the U.S.” I show why any proposal that only taxes car drivers will only provide for car drivers, just as the gas tax did. Read the post to see my radically different proposal.