One Street News

July-August 2016

Vol. 9, Issue 3

1. Ukraine War Inspiring Bicycle Campaigns
2. Interbike Show Opportunities
3. Resources – Playing Out
4. Hot Topics – Bike Paths Not Walls!

Ukraine War Inspiring Bicycle Campaigns

By: Sue Knaup, Executive Director

I’m just now regaining my bearings after my stunning trip to Ukraine at the end of August to coach leaders of 12 campaigns in six eastern cities. Some are calling for new bike lanes, others disabled access on streets and transit, others reshaping streets and public spaces for vulnerable travelers. The project is led by the Kyiv Cyclists’ Association (AVK) and funded through USAID.

Before I left, I knew that the news reports focused on the frontline in the east of Ukraine were only a fraction of the country’s complex story. What I found were bicycle and sustainable transportation advocates riding a growing enthusiasm to rebuild their country.

IMG 8756 - reducedMy visit was the culmination of Phase II of the project, aptly named Advocating for Safe and Sustainable Transportation in Eastern Ukraine. Phase I commenced last December when I began coaching leaders of AVK through a train-the-trainer process for teaching campaign planning workshops. They went on to teach three very successful workshops in the east of their country resulting in the engagement of more than a dozen nonprofits now leading the 12 new campaigns. Four of the six cities have populations approaching or well over one million. By summer, leaders of all the campaigns had met with their city officials to present their requests and had taken their campaigns public in manners appropriate to their officials’ responses.

I have never seen that level of professionalism from advocates combined with such passion to improve their cities. There is something very special happening in Ukraine right now. These six eastern cities will not only gain from improved transportation facilities, but the continued expertise and talents of the people building these organizations.

I’ve already begun discussing next steps for Phase III of the project with my colleagues at AVK and USAID. We expect these to include continued support of the 12 campaigns as well as outreach to nonprofits in other cities around Ukraine, engaging leaders of the first campaigns as experts and mentors. One Street hopes to inspire other countries tired of war to take on similar projects that will shift focus to positive citizen engagement and rebuilding their countries through bicycle and sustainable transportation campaigns. If you have ideas for this, please email me at sue{at} Learn more at .

Interbike Show Opportunities

Once again One Street will be heading to Las Vegas for the Interbike trade show the third week in September. We’ll have our books and shift levers displayed at our booth (number L66) in the lobby. Drop by if you’d like to chat, buy a book without shipping fees, or pick up one of our new brochures.

We’ll also be roaming the show floor to look for potential new partners for:

• Simple, affordable bikes and bike parts that can be produced locally, especially in marginalized areas of the world and inner cities;
• Bike advocacy innovations;
• Anything breaking down the U.S. bike industry image of snarling mean guys hucking air.

We realize that such a search will be needle-like to say the least, so if you have any suggestions, please email them to sue{at}

Resources – Playing Out

Bicycle and public space advocates often spend so much time fighting to regain streets for people, they forget about ways to repopulate them with bouncing, giggling children and pets. Find all you need at Playing Out, a website helping people all over the UK send their kids out into the streets to play.

Hot Topics – Bike Paths Not Walls!

Speaking of bicycle projects replacing war and divisiveness, check out the inspiring story of Brownsville, Texas and Matamoros, Mexico – two cities once divided by the U.S./Mexico border who now see the border as an opportunity to connect…with a bike path! This story brings so much hope for mutual understanding and peace, we’ve posted it on our home page under Inspirations at