Bicycle Events & Rides

Bike events and rides have become a popular means of promoting causes and raising money... but not for increasing bicycling! At One Street we find this very frustrating. People can sign up for bike rides to cure just about every disease, but when it comes to events and rides to directly improve bicycling, there is a severe shortage.

Some bicycle advocacy organizations have given it a try. A few have succeeded. Most lose money and are horridly disappointed with turn out.

Some for-profit companies have taken it on and have done well. Here’s a great example: 

Other efforts have found mild success by not expecting a profit such as fun rides put on by bike clubs, advocacy organizations and government agencies.

At One Street we see bike events and rides as a great untapped resource for bringing much needed funding to efforts that will directly increase bicycling. The disease organizations figured it out. Now it’s our turn!

Before committing to take on a major bicycle ride or event, try some out in your area and talk to the organizers to learn what it will take to succeed. Do an internet search for "bicycle ride" and you are sure to find lots of interesting examples.