Bike Parking

Bike ParkingBike parking may seem like a minor detail in efforts to increase bicycling. In fact, local officials must see it this way because it is far too often a blatant barrier to increasing bicycling. The problem occurs when the officials responsible for providing parking do not ride a bike themselves and so can not see the importance.

In contrast, we bike owners sure see the importance! Our bicycles are our magic steeds, our silvery wings of freedom. We’d sooner leave them at home then park them where they might get stolen, scratched or trod on.

This is why all efforts to increase bicycling must answer the bike parking question.

Here is a good overview of ways to provide secure bike parking:

Also visit these sites for much grander ideas for secure bike parking:

For more inspiration, here are some photos of Amsterdam’s four story bike parking garage:

For even more inspiration look at the bike parking standards for the Netherlands.