Employee Agreement Template

This simple agreement will improve the employee’s confidence and focus work results. It should serve program and operations staff well, while giving the supervisor a strong reference if confusions occur. Each employee must also receive the organization’s Employee Handbook (sample on the Management page). The Grievance Policy (page 14 of the sample) serves to prevent the common problem of staff complaining to board members and confusing communications between board and executive director.

Executive director employment agreements must be on-going and not include any sort of annual renewal. Such clauses make the executive disposable, not a leader as they should be. Executive director agreements must also point to the bylaws that must include clear direction on removal of any leader, including requiring full consensus of the entire board (or at least super majority vote). This should protect the organization from a reactive firing of the executive by overzealous board members while ensuring that any leader who is doing harm to the organization can be removed without delay. Never include a termination-without-cause section. These are brutal relics from for-profit corporations and not at all appropriate for organizations focused on helping people.

Remember that policies and procedures such as these are only safety nets of last resort and can never substitute for a culture of ethics, kindness and respect in your organization.




HOURS PER WEEK: 40 (full time) or lower number (part time)

BENEFITS: (beyond Employee Handbook): common for U.S. program and management positions is three weeks paid vacation and health insurance up to $250 per month, other countries will have other expectations; add more if your org can afford them – often benefits will help you keep great employees even if they could find a higher paying job.

PAY PERIOD: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly; note how paycheck will be delivered


SUPERVISOR: usually executive director for small organizations, sometimes mid-manager for larger organizations; entire board for executive director


* Note that employee must refer to their own personal work plan per position, provide supervisor with regular updates on work completed, offer new ideas and goal refinements, and participate in regular staff meetings.

* Two to five bullets on specific job expectations, but make sure to keep them open enough to allow for regular refinements without having to revisit this agreement.

* Work with supervisor, members, other staff and outside resources to improve expertise for increasing bicycling for the communities served by organization.

* Request approval for and keep records of expenses; give invoices with receipts of approved expenses to supervisor for reimbursement.

Source: www.OneStreet.org