Morten I KerrMorten Kerr

Oslo, Norway


Phone: 0047 920 30 697
Email: morten{at}

Morten has been bicycling regularly since the beginning of the 1990’s, using the bike as the everyday means of transportation, both for commuting (“bike to work”) and in the neighborhood, and touring with the whole family, both in Norway and abroad. From the beginning he’s been cycling all year round, being exposed to the harsh elements of Norway.

Soon he got engaged as an activist with the Norwegian Cyclists’ Association in the Oslo region, and in 2006 he was elected President of the national organization, a position he still holds.

Morten has written numerous articles on cycling and cycling policy in local and national papers, for example on topics like bike route signage and cycling in an environmental and health perspective (some translated into English and published on the ECF and OneStreet web sites). He’s also written a number of articles on bike tours for the Norwegian cycling magazine “På Sykkel” and the Dutch magazine TRING!.

Morten can speak (and write articles) on topics like:

  • Cycle tourism, bike tours in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Scotland, Northern Ireland, France, Germany, Poland, Czeck Republic, Switzerland;
  • Cycling in an environmental perspective;
  • Bicycle policy (local and national);
  • Bike routes: planning, signage and quality control.
  • Bike Sharing systems
  • Winter cycling