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Arizona, USA


Phone: 928-541-9841
Email: sue{at}

Sue Knaup is the founder of One Street and has led organizations since the mid-'70s in the fields of animal rights, environment, special populations and bicycle advocacy. For more than a decade of this time, she served as executive director of bicycle advocacy nonprofits at the local and national levels. On the for-profit side, Sue owned and operated a local bike shop for 13 years. Serving on governmental councils, and committees has helped Sue understand the issues faced by leaders in this sector. Her international experience comes from extensive world travels and working with bicycle advocacy leaders in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Latin America, Australia and Africa.

Sue is the author of three books--Defying Poverty with Bicycles, Cures for Ailing Organizations, and Backyard Aluminum Casting--all available through One Street Press and other book vendors.

Sue specializes in interactive presentations that involve participants from the first moment on. She follows the principle that in order to learn, one must make a personal connection to the materials being presented. In order to find this connection with each and every one of the people Sue presents to, she requests their input and adapts her presentations to their personal experiences. Sue's workshops are even more hands on, ensuring that each participant leaves with personalized materials that they can plug directly into their organizations. Sue's specialties include:

  • Campaign planning
  • Leading organizations
  • Organizational development and capacity building
  • Ethical management
  • Overcoming organizational emergencies
  • Social Bike Business
  • Bicycle mechanic training
  • The bicycle as a solution for all the world's problems

Sue's presentations and workshops can fit into a few hours or span several days. She has also taught a semester-long university course at Prescott College called The Bicycle: Vehicle for Social Change.