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One Street Press is our publishing arm for bringing to market books that inspire people to improve our world, preferably with bicycles. Our first titles are books we needed to produce in order to serve the needs of leaders who are working to increase bicycling around the world. As these first titles become available, we look forward to inviting more authors to present their books for consideration (please see Submissions below).


Cures for Ailing Organizations

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Cures for Ailing Organizations is for anyone who knows the heartbreak of watching a good organization die.

Too often, nonprofits, NGOs, and social enterprises are left to struggle and finally perish. This book aims to change that.

Sue Knaup wrote Cures for Ailing Organizations from her 40 years of experience working for nonprofits as well as her emergency medical response training to show readers proven methods of reviving important organizations.

The book is complete. Now we need your help to fund its publication.

Secure your early copy by contributing in August at



Defying Poverty with Bicycles

Defying Poverty - front cover

Defying Poverty with Bicycles is our how-to manual for our Social Bike Business program, now available through our store for shipping in the U.S. 

Most local book stores can order it for you.

It is also available at online booksellers around the world e.g. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kalahari (za), Fishpond (au), Libri (de), etc. Check your favorite online bookseller.

Take a look at the Table of Contents to get an idea of what you'll find in the book.




Once we have published our next two titles, we look forward to reviewing manuscripts for books about bicycles and/or social change. Books that cover both will be our priority. We will post our submission guidelines when we are ready. For now, if you are currently working on such a book and would like to publish with One Street Press, please contact Sue Knaup at sue{at} 

Upcoming Titles

Backyard Aluminum Casting: for Bike Shift Levers (and Nearly Anything Else) - This is our how-to manual for our Bike Shift Lever project. Expected publication date is summer 2014.