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bicycle shift lever for web medium

Our first component, our Bike Shift Lever for Anybody, by Anybody, was funded on

It offers these advantages over the sport-only shift levers found these days:

  • Symmetrical – works on right and left sides.
  • Works for all gear ranges.
  • Uses only six parts.
  • Easily repaired with common parts.
  • Primitive casting using scrap aluminum.
  • Designed for people who depend on their bike, also those with weak or injured hands.
  • Supports upside-down bike during repair.

We have completed the prototype stage. Now we are moving ahead with the creation of the casting molds and full production process.  

You can learn all about it at – search “Bike Shift Lever.”

Bicycle Shift Lever assembled

One Street Components is responding to the rapid extinction of basic bicycle parts, especially for our Social Bike Business partners around the world. Most of these programs start by refurbishing used bikes as they move toward manufacturing their own bikes. But without simple, durable, affordable parts, even refurbishing comes to a standstill.

Photo collage of users

Next priorities on the extinction alarm list:

  • Basic, affordable rear derailleurs made with quality metal (not stamped pot metal) – last sighted in the 1980s;
  • Basic, high quality chains for geared bikes that are affordable and don’t require the pin to be replaced every time the chain is broken – nearing extinction.

Let us know if you're struggling to find other bicycle parts for your program.